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Market Indicators... April 9, 2011
Week Ending: 4/9/11 Current Year Ago
FI Hog Slaughter (Thou Hd) 2069> 2008>
Slaughter Hog Weight 278/TD> 273
Average Dressed Weight 209/TD> 205/TD>
Pork Production (Mil Lbs) 431.2> 411.4>
Feeder Pigs -- Missouri's UNITED PRODUCERS TEL-O-AUCTION Click here

Weekly Weighted Avg. Last Week Ago Year Ago
IA, S. MN Direct Hogs (Lean) 87.95> 87.26> 75.32>
East Cornbelt Lean (185 Lbs.) 92.70 N/A 72.69
West Cornbelt Lean (185 Lbs.) N/A 91.61 75.12
National Base Carcass Price 85.93 83.94 70.56
National Net Carcass Price 88.74 86.67 73.24
Pork Cutout (185 Lbs.) 94.64 94.35 77.52
Butcher Hogs Live Various Markets

Feed Value
Feed Last Week Ago Year Ago
Corn, Omaha ($/Bu) 7.44 7.12 3.35
Distiller Grains - 10% Moisture Click here
Soybeans, S. Iowa 13.59 14.06 9.44

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